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20 Oct 2016

Today, two years have now gone by since Dr. Gerald V. Post passed away. It has been a really long two years and much has happened. But one thing has not changed at all, we miss you Jerry, each and every day. As the dedication of your last book, "Management Information Systems, Seventh Edition" says; "We hope somewhere you are similing, laughing and riding your bike with your dogs."

In honor of this day we are releasing what we can of Dr. Gerald V. Post's last text book, "Management Information Systems, Seventh Edition". Dr. Post had been working on this book up until the last day of his life (there are edits from 10/19/2014). He was trying to get this book published for the spring semester of 2015. Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way. More unfortunate is that we just don't have the ability to complete the unfinished parts. The ability we do have is to figure out how to identify and publish what was complete and get that out to the world. We are at that stage now and what we have of the seventh edition is now available. The sixth edition will continue to be the primary edition as it is complete. Links to the seventh edition are now available on each corresponding web page of the sixth edition. Here's the list of what is and isn't available:

 Material  Status  Comments
 Text  Complete All chapters and the full text book were updated and are available.
 Cases  Missing No additional cases are available.
 Databases  Complete An Access 2012 database is now available that we believe is complete and updated.
 Slides  Complete Slides for all chapters were updated and complete.
 Student Data Files  Partial A new database for Chapter 4, exercise 15 is available. Others are not updated.
 Exercise Hints and Help  Missing No new exercise hints and help are available.
 Instructor's Manual  Missing No instructor's manual is available.
 Instructor's Solution Files  Partial Some chapters have updated solution files and these are now available.
 Test Bank  Partial The questions and answers in text are available for chapters 1 through 5.

We thank everyone for using and supporting Dr. Gerald V. Post by purchasing, downloading and reading his text books. We wish everyone who is using his books in a class the best of luck on the class.

Ted Post
( System Admin)