Registration Steps and Questions

Basic Registration Steps

1. Students use PayPal to purchase two registration keys. Be sure you enter a valid e-mail address when you pay. Your registration keys will be sent to the address you enter.

2. You should receive the keys within a few minutes. Return to the main page and click the link for a student who has two key numbers.

3. Enter the key values (they are not case sensitive). Make up a username and password to use. Enter a valid e-mail address so the system can send your username/password if you forget them. Enter your name and student ID so that your instructor can identify you.

4. Return to the main page and log in using the new username and password. Download the books you want to keep.

5. With most browsers, you can right-click the file link and download and save the book to your computer. That way you can keep the book. Plus, it will be faster to access and search it. You can also use the Save icon within Adobe Reader.


Questions or Potential Problems

1. My credit card was rejected by the PayPal payment system.

In most cases, the problem is that your phone number and address did not match the values on file with the bank/card company. This is a security verification system to protect you if your card is lost or stolen. Enter your correct phone number or switch to an e-Check with the PayPal system.

2. My card was charged even though it was rejected.

First, verify that PayPal actually charged the money and did not simply put a temporary hold on it. Because the transaction was cancelled, the vendor (JerryPost) has no way to return the money. These holds can take a couple of days to be released.

3. I never received the e-mail message with the two keys.

The most likely problems are (a) you entered an incorrect e-mail address with PayPal, or (b) your e-mail spam filter blocked the message. Do not pay again. Check book name in the PayPal transaction. It contains a Payment Code.
Copy that code, return to the main page, click the lookup link near the bottom. Enter/Paste the code to get the registration keys directly from the server.

If you cannot find the keys after a couple of hours, e-mail Jerry at, but do not expect an immediate response.

4. I cannot log in.

The password is case-sensitive. Be sure to enter it exactly the same as when you created it. If you forget the username or password, enter your e-mail address on the main page and the system will e-mail the credentials to that list.

5. The system says my account has expired.

First, double-check your password. Your login is good for about six months. It is important that you download the book to your own computer. The book itself never expires. If you need access beyond six months, you should buy a new set of keys.

6. Adobe will not open the book.

Your version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat is too old. You need at least version 7. You can download the current version free from Also, it is usually better to right-click the book image and save it to your desktop or other folder. Then open the book directly from your computer.