Chapter 1 Exercise 23

23. Make a list with a brief description of other items that the company might want to store in the database.

Several possibilities exist, depending on the purpose of the database and the degree of integration desired.

Specialists, and other external providers
Referrals, a list of patient referrals to specialists and the outcome when known
Crosswalk lists, links to other numbering codes such as CPT and DSM
Questions: patient questions asked at the time, by phone, or e-mail
Prescriptions, including automatic contacts with pharmacies
Appointments, including online—but Web sites do not recognize emergencies
Medical Suppliers, including inventory search for specialty items
Imaging, X-ray, MRI, and so on stored in the system
Tests and Results, transferred directly from providers where possible

Payment Correspondence, detailed tracking of requests and replies
Payroll, but challenging due to taxes, benefits, and other issues
Purchases of supplies (medical and office)
Supplies, such as braces and casts
Bills, utilities, office expenses, and so on.

There are more. Check some of the ERP systems, such as SAP or review progressive hospitals such as Sutter.