Chapter 2 Exercise 3

3. A friend of yours lives in a town with many older houses and he repairs antique lights for homeowners. Many of the lights use crystals and colored panels that were designed by artists. Fortunately, most of the electrical components are relatively standard and compatible with today’s parts. The most common problems involve the wiring, because old wires used paper and plastic insulation that tends to crack and disintegrate over time. He often has to rewire the entire light and he usually replaces the bulb sockets at the same time. When possible, he takes down the lights and brings them to his shop, other times he has to set up appointments to do the work in place because the light cannot be removed easily. He needs an application to track appointments, the work done, and a basic billing system that includes his time and the parts used.

This exercise is in the Database Design system.

Contact Last Name, First Name
City, State, ZIP
Contact Date
Referred by:

Date Paid:
Description of problem
Description of light, style, est. year
In-place or shop
Date Work Performed Hours

Part No. Description Quantity Cost Source

Total Hours: _____      Rate: _______    Value: _______
Total Parts:   _____
Amount Due: _____



Customer(*CustomerID, ...)
Order(*OrderID, CustomerID, ...)
WorkLog(*OrderID, *WorkDate, ...)
PartsUSed(*OrderID, *PartID, ...)
Parts(*PartID, ...)