Chapter 2 Exercise 6

6. A start-up company is assembling customized stereo ear-buds. Instead of shipping dozens of different sizes and shapes of in-ear pieces, the company distributes a clear piece of plastic with various marks. Customers hold the piece on their ear and take a photograph. A system at the company reads the markings and determines the best ear-piece for each customer. The assembly team then builds the custom ear-buds for the customer allowing them to set additional specifications including colors, logos, number of “armatures” or speaker cones, and control switches for android or Apple devices. The company needs a database to track orders, assembly, and shipping.

This exercise is in the Database Design system.

Customer(*CustomerID, ...)
Order(*OrderID, CustomerID, ...)
OrderEar(*OrderID, *Ear, ...)
Employee(*EmployeeID, ...)
Assembly(*AssemblyID, EmployeeID, ORderID, ...)
AssemblyParts(*AssemblyID, *ItemID, ...)
AssemblyTest(*AssemblyID, *TestID, ...)
Item(*ItemID, ...)
AssemblyTestType(*TestID, ...)