Chapter 2 Exercise 16

16. Rolling Thunder Bicycles is thinking about opening a chain of bicycle stores. Explain how the database would have to be altered to accommodate this change. Add the proposed components to the class diagram.

Answer will be highly variable. In order to add Rolling Thunder retail stores, the class diagram will have to have an additional package added for the stores. The database will have to keep track of the information about the individual stores including which employees work there, which bicycles were ordered there, and which customers have placed orders there.

Changes to be made include:
Adding StoreID to the Customer table.
Adding StoreID to the Employee table.
Adding StoreID to the Bicycle table.

Adding a Stores table that includes StoreID as the primary key and additional variables including Address, CityID, ZipCode, and Phone.
New forms will have to be created that give the individual stores a view of the information in the database that only pertains to their store identification number.
Additional information about employee's work schedules and payroll may be added to the system at a later date.