Chapter 3 Exercise 2

2. Your doctor told you that you need to get more exercise— particularly strength-based. So you decided to start lifting weights at the gym. To make it more interesting, you created an application to track your progress on each exercise. To make it easier to enter data, the application is based on the day and enables you to enter additional information such as health (excellent, good, tired, weak, sick), and general comments. For most weight-lifting exercises, you perform multiple lifts (repetitions) within a set, then change the weight for a new set and do another set of repetitions.

This exercise is in the Database Design system. Try to solve it there first.

Possible tables:
Exercvise(*ExerciseID, ...)
Lifts(*SessionID, *ExerciseID, *SetWeight, Reps)
Sessions(*SessionID, ExerciseDate, ...)