Chapter 3 Exercise 15

15. The physicians would like to add another step in the patient examination process. They want more complete records and the ability to handle cases where the diagnosis is not immediately available. Specifically, the physicians want to record the symptoms described by the patient at each visit. This record would also include the severity of the symptom and whether it was observed by the physician (or nurse). At each visit the patientís weight, blood pressure, and heart rate are also recorded (children are also measured for height). Along the same lines, they want to record any tests taken and the results of the tests. The tests can include simple physical tests such as reflexes as well as chemical tests. Define the tables and modify the class diagram to handle this additional data.

Not clear if there is a defined list of symptoms, so go with individual list.
Symptoms(VisitID, SymptomNo., Description, Measure, Severity, EmployeeID)
Some basic data is already included, can add more:
Visit(VisitID, Ö Weight, BPDiastolic, BPSystolic, HeartRate, Height)
TestType(TestType, Description)
Test(TestID, PatientID, TestDate, TestType, TestResults)