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Management Information Systems: Solving Business Problems with Information Technology

A Management Information System (MIS) represents the information technology (IT) used to run a business. Businesses collect huge amounts of data, including financial transactions, human resources management, production, suppliers, customers, and competitors. IT is also used to share data and it is increasingly used to help teams communicate and work on projects around the world. The data and tools are also critical in evaluating data and making decisions.

Any business student, in any discipline, needs to learn basic skills, including:

  1. How technology changes over time and how to evaluate it.
  2. How to use IT to share data, particularly for teams.
  3. How to use IT to retrieve and analyze data to make decisions.
  4. How to evaluate and organize IT to support the company.
  5. How business IT decisions affect society.

Analyzing businesses and IT is complex. This textbook contains several features to make it easier to see the interactions.

This book is different from other textbooks in several key areas:


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